Homemade Halo-Halo

A Filipino dessert or snack which means “mix”.  It’s a towering pile of sweetened fruits and beans mixed  together with shaved ice and milk.


  • leche flan
  • purple yam jam (haleyang ube)
  • jackfruit (langka)
  • saba bananas
  • sweet potatoes (kamote)
  • adzuki or red mung beans
  • young coconut (macapuno)
  • agar-agar, or gelatin
  • evaporated milk, or whole milk
  • shaved ice


  1. Simply layer the ingredients in whichever order you want in a tall glass or a deep bowl then cover with enough ice to fill the glass.
  2. Generously pour the evaporated milk onto the ice.
  3. Then top with a scoop of ice cream.